Day: February 18, 2018

Peer Review 2 — Hey, It’s Helen

This week I’m delving into Helen Tan’s website called Hey, It’s Helen. My first impression is that Travis Gertz’s fears in his article “Design Machines: How to survive in the digital apocalypse” came true…It seems as if little has been changed from the original template on Helen’s website. The digital machines have taken over!

As I explored her site, I turned to her process posts to find out what’s up. It seems she’s been struggling with the technical aspect of building her website. I can understand this. I struggled with my site for many hours to get things just right. Helen, if you need any help, hmu.

That said, I really like the template that Helen chose, and I’m sure she’ll soon post some content that the design will complement. The typography she chose is very light which gives her site a clean and professional look. I noticed there’s a tab called “Let’s talk about money” and I think the website’s aesthetic will go well with post about budgeting help or finances or whatever cool stuff Helen might be planning.

The layout and structure makes the site easy to navigate. The tabs encompass loads of interesting topics such as “education” and “health.” Some social media integration is found on the right side of her site. There’s an Instagram feed, but nothing to see there yet. Either way, I’m sure some photos will tie into the rest of the website well. It’s also promising to see that Helen’s Instagram has over 100 followers without a single post! I think that it’s a great idea on her part to start gaining a public so once she does start using her site more, she’ll have a ready-made audience.

There’s not much customization going on yet, but she has already made a really cool sign-off for herself. At the end of her posts/comments, I notice she says, “It’s Helen, and it’s ___.” (In the blank she puts in another word such as “frustrating.”) I think this is a great little brand thing that’ll help tie posts together in the future.

Other than that, I believe that Helen is off to a pretty good start. As soon as she learns more about how to use WordPress to her advantage, she’ll be making great things!