Vox Yarn Bombs got its name from the V for Vendetta chapter titled “Vox Populi” which roughly translates to “voice of the people.” While I can’t claim to speak for anyone but myself, I can repeat a frequently proclaimed sentiment:

SFU’s Burnaby campus sure is ugly.

I’m Natasha, but I usually leave the name “Vox” on my work for anonymity. When I’m not working, I like to read, write, scrapbook, and crochet. Or I just find more work to do… 😞

With my blog, I’d like to display works of non-harmful crochet yarn graffiti that I put up at and around SFU, and discuss why it’s my preferred art form. I’m interested in exploring how yarn crafts can brighten a campus in a small way while using references to Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta and Watchmen to introduce a fun kind of “anarchy” into the tidy, symmetric, and usually grey structures of SFU’s campuses.


Community Guideline

1) You can comment whatever you want, but if I think it doesn’t belong on my website, I will remove it.