Peer Review 1 — Beauty By Teresa


Teresa Pantusa’s website Beauty By Teresa immediately gives off a simple yet elegant vibe. The muted fur border and pink marble background used on the homepage create a calming aesthetic, though the pink marble photo seems a bit out of focus. Whether this was intentional or not, it caught my attention. There’s also a small typo in her tagline (‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’).

Moving to her About Me page, I was welcomed by an image that says “Hello Gorgeous.” I think it’s a really nice touch! It adds to the comfortable and positive atmosphere of her site. Her introduction is conversational and friendly, though it might help if it was broken up into smaller paragraphs (instead of one small one and one big one). It might also be a good idea to disable the comments for this page; I find it a bit strange that I’d be able comment on an About Me.

Her Tutorial page features eye-catching photos and interesting captions. I first checked out the Every Day Holy Grail Make Up Products post. The wall of text was a bit intimidating, and breaking it up might help readers navigate it. That said, I think it was a good idea to bold the products used and list the prices at the end.

I really like Teresa’s Pink Toned Glam Tutorial. It has a simple layout and includes pictures of her with the look, something that I wished her Every Day Products post had. I think listing prices for the Pink Toned tutorial would have made it more cohesive with the other post.

Other than that, I think her Product Reviews and Skin Care tabs are useful and important to have. I feel like there’s something here for everyone who’s looking for make up tips. One thing I was wondering while browsing her site, however, was “Will there be video tutorials?” I feel like that could add a really cool layer to her website.

Overall, Teresa’s website seems to be coming along well. There are some typos, and her posts might benefit from having a set format, but the colours and tone of the site work well together to make a recognizable online self.


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